CB500 Clutch Rod Replacement

My cb500 is almost 100% finished up. I got my new set of Avon road runners on the other day, man what a difference new tires make!

I was still having issues with my clutch, it felt like shit, and it turns out my clutch push rod was broken. The clutch adjuster was also cracked. I got a new OEM clutch adjuster from bikebandit.com

CB500 clutch push rods are very very very hard to find on Ebay, but knowing honda double overs a lot of their parts, I figured another model must fit. It took a TON of googling but I found out that the cb500 uses the same clutch push rod as the cb450/cl450/cb500t, which made it much easier to find one ($20 on ebay). For future reference here is the part number – 22850-323-000

I had to take off the right side cover and then the clutch basket (the 4 bolts shown above) to get the broken push rod out, but it gave me a good excuse to change the oil and oil filter. I also put in a new air element. Man the bike is feeling awesome! So I rode it to the beach!

7 responses to “CB500 Clutch Rod Replacement”

  1. ed says:

    that 500 seems to be pretty solid now huh?
    it looks real good. I like the idea of keeping it pretty close to stock. That’s how I feel about my 450.

  2. andrew says:

    exactly… althought it had the terrible flame paint job, everything else is pretty clean, so I’m just going to leave it stock…

  3. andrew says:

    its to pretty of a bike to tear up. I’ll find a beater for another project..

  4. Adam says:

    The 500four is probably the best stock looking cb honda made. Way better looking than the stock 500t that’s for sure.

  5. mick says:

    lookin good buddy. glad it went off without a problem.

    did you get a side cover?

  6. andrew says:

    well, i found an orange one off a 74 550… i guess they made the orange color 73 and 74.. so i snatch that up off ebay for $25. So for time being I’m going to be running mis matched side covers, but now i’m hoping to find an original orange right side one and be all set.

    I also got my eye on a set of side panels with badges that are on ebay right now. They are a little beat up, but I may see if i can score them for less then $30 and then redo them.

  7. alex says:

    i know this is an old post, but just stubbled upon it…

    any idea if a CB350 clutch lifter rod works with the CB500f??

    its all i can seem to find…

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