cb650 seat – finally on the bike

The seat isn’t finished yet. But at least it’s on the bike now.
It’s rubber-mounted in 4 spots, distributing my weight, so I’m hoping the seat doesn’t vibrate to death and break itself apart. Fingers-crossed.

Made some gusset brackets for the mounting hinges. Good idea adam. They look cool.

License plate… crotch rocket style. Right now it’s zip-tied there (and crooked). I need to make some sort of actual real bracket.

This is what’s left:
– Grind off the excess shit on the seat, and clean it up.
– Paint the underside. Boeshield T9 the top.
– Get my seat pad made by J&J auto upholstery. I think it’ll soften the hard edges of the seat.
– Rig up my tail light. Riding dirty, and sketchy right now w/o one.

3 responses to “cb650 seat – finally on the bike”

  1. Mike says:

    looks awesome. cant wait to see it with the pad.

  2. chris says:

    cool man, r u uholstering the whole thing ?

  3. Nick says:

    I like the lines from the back – it looks like it follows the same contour as the tank. Where did you get your stock from? I’ve been playing with the idea of making a seat and all I have are some old road signs (that might work…)

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