I appreciate quality tools

Ricky and I picked up this Clausing model# 1670 drill press with a Baldor motor from an auction over the weekend. She’s a real deal drilling machine.

I really like the simple detail of the riveted badges proudly displaying where they were made.

We’ve been cleaning, oiling, and checking over the entire machine and noticed that the chuck spins slightly off center. After removing the pressed on jacobs chuck it appears the spindle doesn’t sit absolutely straight. Hopefully with some more investigation she’ll be true and ready for some serious speed hole drilling.

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  1. Does the spindle run out of true (wobble) or just have an orientation problem (sitting at an angle)? Assuming you mean the drill press spindle and not the chuck arbor, that might be a real bitch to fix. Did you put a dial on it yet?

    If a problem with the chuck or arbor adaptor (the part that attaches the chuck to the press spindle) you can buy a new set relatively inexpensively here: http://www.use-enco.com

    Good luck. Nice machine.


  2. Adam says:

    Hey Jason

    I’m not sure where exactly the problem is yet. We removed the chuck and the male taper on the end of the spindle is slightly wobbly although we need to put a dial on it to know with certainty.

    We need to investigate it more and find the manual for it as well. I’ll let you know what we find after getting into it some more.

  3. Adam says:


    we removed the pulley and noticed some play in the top bearing most likely caused from wear from the pulley belt. The bearing is also making noise so it’s not in good condition. We’re going to get a set of new bearings which should bring everything back into alignment and fix the wobble.

  4. Adam,

    Sound like you need a bearing AND an arbor adaptor. They are only $20 or $30. That’s the part that connects the chuck to the spindle. There are markings on yours which will describe the attachment types (Morse tapers, Jacobs, B&S, etc).


  5. Richard says:

    Cool, thanks, Jason. It looks to be a Jacobs chuck.

  6. Richard, plenty of Jacobs brand chucks use Morse tapers.



  7. Richard says:

    Its a Jacobs 33 taper. I’ll do some parts hunting. Any good sites or local shops for parts like these?

  8. Devyn says:

    I’d like some speed holes in my gas tank.

  9. Richard says:

    I found one on the enco site for $15. Thanks.

  10. ludwig says:

    lets have a drift key making party! poppin’ jacobs like it’s my job, son!

  11. matt smith says:

    Nice press. I was having a similar problem with my ’38 Southbend lathe. Tired everything. finally figure out the spindle itself had been bent right at the tip where the chuck threads on. Inevitably, over 70 plus years, someone turned the lathe on with the chuck key still in place and WHAM!. I was told by an old school machinist to find the high point on the spindle using an old chuck, mark it and… wait for it… whack it with a sledgehammer. then check the run out again with a dial. Sounds crazy but short of having a new spindle made up I had no other options. With nothing to lose I tried it. After a few “adjustments” with a 9 lb sledge I had the lathe within 1/1000 of true – which is pretty good for what I use it for. Not that this is the case with your press. try the bearings and everything first. You’ll get it one way or another. Where was the auction?


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