Vintage Trail Bossing

Chance showed up at the shop last weekend with a 1979 Yamaha DT175 and some other dirtbike in the back of his truck so we took a ride over to the docks to have some fun. If you haven’t ever been to the water front in Kensignton, it’s no-man’s land… there’s lots of trails but also lots of garbage, shady people, ghetto dirtbike kids, more trash, nasty smells, and people fishing… and it’s awesome.

10 responses to “Vintage Trail Bossing”

  1. Kenny says:

    That looks amazing!!!!

  2. chance says:

    not that it matters but its a 79′ and its for sale

  3. yann says:

    shit, I need a dirt bike

  4. Adam says:

    We all need dirt bikes. haha.

    Correction made, it is a 79.

    Kenny, come by the shop sometime.

  5. nick says:

    man, gotta get my bike runnin!

  6. marko says:

    maybe i should turn the cb200 into a cl 😉

  7. Jim says:

    Let me know if you guys do this again. I really wanna go. I’ve heard of the trails/areas to ride around there but have never been.

    Is that an RM125?

    I’ve got a 79 KX80 and my buddy Nick turned his CB125 into a dirt tracker of sorts. We love fucking around offroad.

  8. Kenny says:

    I would definetly love to stop buy more, I’m currently working a lot of evenings/nights so it makes it hard to do much but I’ll try!

  9. chance says:

    thats my 87 rm125

  10. Adam says:

    Marko, i rode my cb360 all through the trails… its not enduro but it was fun as hell.

    Jim, I’ll hit you up next time. I forgot you’re all about dirtbikes and wheelies haha

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