ride in the snow

Rode around for a brief bit in rain / slush. Shit gets pretty sketchy in some spots on the back roads.
I’m looking for snow chains like this.
Also, check out this blog. It’s my new fav this week.
Below are some pics I pulled from their site.

… I’d rock the below harley if it was all flat black, scratched and dented up, and didn’t have those mufflers on it.

I wanna date a roller girl and ride her around on my cycle all day everyday… with her wearing exactly what the girl on the far left is wearing. Skates, helmet, fishnets… yea.

The Enfield looks dope as shit. I like the army stencil on the tank.

3 responses to “ride in the snow”

  1. Adam says:

    Yea the enfield looks badass. I like the idea and look of chains on a motorcycle but turning seems like it’d be really aketchy

  2. Chris Francione says:

    Those guys built the sr named “winning loser” for mot massiva. One of the coolest customs I’ve ever seen (for an sr anyway). Inspired me to slam the rear of mine and use box wrenches as struts. Now that’s low.

  3. J says:

    Wunderlich chains! They are the shit. ‘spensive.

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