Who wants to buy a rad helmet?
Only issue is you gotta order it from Japan.
Check it out HERE.

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  1. Todd says:

    Pretty sure the full face helmets here are designed after the original racing helmets. The back of the helmet, as you can plainly see, is/was a lot longer than any modern helmet. The helmet stopped being used in racing because it caused numerous broken necks. So yeah, rad helmet if you want a broken neck.

  2. Todd says:

    You’re really stupid if you even consider wearing one of these. Not trying to be a dick or funny, just trying to give people a heads up.

  3. Chris Francione says:

    The bell moto 3 has the exact back profile height (just smaller) as the modern shoie full face, I know cuz I own both..the first pic shows a lot of different helmets, but the old mx helmets, especially those griffins and bell moto 3 in the pic, are not quite as low as the bell stars. Granted they aren’t snell or dot or whatever to today’s standards.

  4. Chris Francione says:

    Those bell stars are spaceman all the way

  5. tom says:

    not sure what they were thinking when they came up with this one but sure as hell looks pretty badass: http://hellmart.exblog.jp/17905032/

  6. Chris Francione says:

    Looks like the original ironman from back in the day. Scary.

  7. Yann says:

    ..am I the only one that checked the price converted to $? 38,800 yen in dollars for the BELL STAR 120 is $463.55 !

  8. Chris Francione says:

    The Japanese spend top bucks on vintage stuff, much more than most Americans…I was shocked to see how much a shitty old american leather jacket was in tokyo’s hip boroughs. Wabi sabi is the philosophy that pertains to this value in older objects…at least I think that’s what I remember…I was bombed.

  9. Devyn says:

    Todd, you’re killin’ my helmet boner!

  10. Justin says:

    Yes Todd, killing mine as well. Yes, there’s a decent chance it’ll break your neck, but so will the 3/4 helmets – same issue (not to mention the smashed face). But, vanity is a bitch…

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