Triumph Flat Track Racing | Johnny Lewis

Johnny lives just outside Philly and is a AMA Pro flat track racer.

He hit us up and said he just signed on to race for Triumph this year and sent us this video of him test riding his new setup… this shit is serious.

Here’s another one of him and other riders.

5 responses to “Triumph Flat Track Racing | Johnny Lewis”

  1. Kansas Larry says:

    I took in the Indy mile last summer. The Triumph did very well until the crank broke. Nice to see other brands besides Harley racing even if all things aren’t equal, ie. restrictor plates on the Harleys. Worth the trip to see a mile race. Those guys/gals have big balls.

  2. billbraile says:

    Awesome, what a blast!

  3. ed says:

    That’s really cool you were part of that.
    What triumph were you on and how did the crank break?

  4. Devyn says:

    Fuck yeah! Where can we sign up?

  5. johnny lewis says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Loving the Triumph, picked up a demo bike yesterday for future video projects!
    Devyn- on a smaller scale for getting into flat track I also run a flat track school –
    Thanks for the love, JL10 check out my store- this month we are donating $5 from each tshirt sale and 5% of my race winning in Daytona to Autism Society of America .


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