Philly to Great Lakes – Route

Adam and I are doing this trip beginning August 9th to the 25th.
Should be pretty fun to see the upper peninsula of Michigan and all the great lakes.
We’ll be taking mostly back roads, a couple ferry’s, and just living free.

Let us know if you know of anything cool along the way to check out. Anything from good spots to eat, camp, swim, bars, strip clubs… etc

Our bikes… 1976 CB550 and 1974 Z1


8 responses to “Philly to Great Lakes – Route”

  1. Kansas Larry says:

    Adam when will you be in the Pittsburgh area? I may be in the area for the fireworks convention mid August, not for sure yet.

  2. adam says:

    Hey Larry, we’ll probably be in the Pittsburgh area anywhere between the 23rd to the 25th. Our plans are pretty loose right now and might be changing once we’re on the road but it would be awesome to meet up. We definitely still owe you helping us out when we were in Kansas.

  3. deanna says:

    Get custard from Kopps in Milwaukee and grilled cheese from The Melt in Cleveland

  4. Mike says:

    Make sure you go to The Bouncy Beavers in Toledo, there’s a one legged stripper named Cinnamon who finishes every lappy with an old fashion HJ. Great place.

  5. Jeremy says:

    If you get the chance, stop by the Gas Box. Only a few miles south of the lake just past Cleveland. They have a ton of amazing bikes in they’re showroom. Worth the stop

  6. Tim says:

    Once you hit mainland at Tobermory in Ontario be sure to check out “the grotto” at cyprus lakes provincial park (clear blue waters, good cliff jumps, good camping). Short distance from there is Singing Sands Beach. Beautiful sand beach, that goes into knee height water for hundreds of yards. pretty cool. If you get into the Guelph area there is Elora Quarry. Clear water, tons of cliff dives. 50 foot one is off limits (do it last and leave). There is apparently a hidden tree house cottage on Manitoulin Island. Rumour has it, if you find it you can stay. Haha. There is some cool stuff around Hamilton, but I can’t recall right now. Will report back.

  7. Adam says:

    all good suggestions, thanks everyone.

    @tim, the cyprus cliff jump sound awesome and looking at the map we should be able to find them pretty easy.

  8. Will from Cleveland says:

    Actually, don’t go to melt in Cleveland, it’s way overrated and not worth it. Abc the tavern is a cool dive bar with a good burger. It’s in an area with a bunch of seedy strip joints up the street one way and a bunch of not so seedy strip joints the other way. A couple other good bars to check out are the harbor inn and carnies top o the flats. Now that’s class is punk rocker bar with a deadly skate ramp inside and cheap shows pretty much every night. Also happy dog and parkview night club are right in between all the rest of them spots and good for a beer or a bite to eat. There’s spots you can camp legally or illegally all over. If you guys need anything while you’re in cleveland, shower, crash spot, whatever, feel free to hit me up. Looks like a hell of a ride.

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