Z1 Engine Teardown – Part 2

Got my cylinders back from Powerseal. Bored out to 1015cc.


Got the cylinder head back from Mar Auto. Those guys are the best.
– I had bent valves and loose guides
– had 3 angle valve job done
– they installed all new valves, springs, guides, seals and set my cam-valve lash
– done super quick with a great price and good communication


Wiseco 1015cc piston kit. 10.25 compression.


My workshop space in the garage.


Sliding the cylinders over without a ring compression tool is the fucking worst. It took adam and I a long ass time and a lot of cursing. But we eventually got it.




Got the head on.


Web Cam #118 grind.
Basically the mellowest cam upgrade I could find. I originally wanted to go with more lift… but this is my trip bike so I went conservative.


All done for now. Still fine tuning.


There are a couple little air leaks that I’m addressing, and and couple other tuning things.

Overall the bike fucking rips harder than before. Especially over 5k rpm.
I dig it.

2 responses to “Z1 Engine Teardown – Part 2”

  1. Carson Cram says:

    Holy Bananas that thing sounds amazing! I’m looking at a Wiseco kit for my kawasaki F7, now i really want it.

  2. Adam says:

    woahhhh hanging idle. gotta fix those air leaks.

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