A Better Barbour?

Don’t tell Ben and Andrew but there just might be a more practical alternative the the classic Barbour and Belstaff jackets we all know and love. The classic waxed cotton Barbour International or Belstaff Tourist Trophy do an OK job of keeping you warm and dry, but that is about it. Imagine a jacket that retains the same classic look of the 4 pocket waxed motorcycle jacket, yet affords all of the protection of modern armor and waterproof breeathability. This is exactly what REV’IT! has done with the Melville and Oxford Jackets. Both have REV’IT!’s Hydratex G-Liner which functions similarly to GORE-TEX and will keep you super dry in the wettest or riding conditions (I know I have tested it out). These jackets are made of heavy duty cotton and have Knox CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows with a pocket to add an optional back protector.

REV’IT! Oxford

REV'IT! Oxford

REV’IT! Oxford

REV'IT! Oxford

REV’IT! Melville


REV’IT! Melville (without thermal liner)


The Melville comes finished with a heavy wax coating that feels almost like rubber. If the ultra rubbery waxed finish isn’t your thing, the Oxford has a nice, more traditional brushed cotton finish that is water resistant. Both jackets are basically the same aside from the finish and come standard with spring loaded snaps and heavy duty YKK zippers that won’t wear out. They also have a storm flap that ensures water doesn’t make it past the zipper.

One of the biggest selling points on these jackets is the removable insulated thermal liner that they come with. With the liner in, these jackets are the warmest I have ever worn. I have to put it on right when I leave the house, otherwise I will start sweating immediately. With the liner out you can easily stretch the jacket in the the late spring and early fall.

Thermal Liner

Thermal Liner

So if you’ve been looking for that perfect 3 season (Fall, Winter, Spring) motorcycle jacket, but don’t want to sacrifice protection or style you should seriously consider picking one of these up. I bought the Melville in September and have been very impressed with the quality and functionality thus far.


13 responses to “A Better Barbour?”

  1. ed says:

    I went into the Barbour store on walnut st for the first time a couple weeks ago. Holy shit some of their stuff is expensive.
    These revit jackets seem like a better option.

    This is probably a dumb question, but what is the benefit of a waxed cotton jacket? Why not just stick with leather? I’ve never owned / wore one, so excuse my ignorance. Serious question though… do people just like them for visual stylistic reasons, or is there a benefit I’m not aware of, over leather…

  2. Brian says:


    I think the two big advantages waxed cotton has over leather is breathability and being waterproof.

  3. andrew says:

    Leather is still going to be more wind proof, but waxed cotton (over other materials) does a good job at blocking wind… and also a waxed jacket tends to lighter then a leather jacket.

  4. Alex Quinn says:

    @ed If you are looking for breathability go with the Oxford. It doesn’t have the heavy wax coating that the Melville does, yet still has the Hydratex G-Liner to keep you bone dry. The water may not run right of the jacket like it will on the Melville but you’re going to be able to stretch it further into the warmer weather without sweating to death.

    Leather also weighs more, and unless you have a horsehide jacket, is never going to be waterproof/resistant.

  5. Alex Quinn says:

    And these jackets are windproof thanks to the Hydratex liner.

  6. Ben says:

    Thats a cute jacket on you, Alex.

    Do they make it in “Mens”?

  7. Alex Quinn says:

    @Ben In fact they do make it in men’s. The women’s coats have different names. Unfortunately for you the Melville and Oxford only go up to size 2XL. If you want one maybe you should look into waxing a tent to wrap around that gut of yours.

  8. Devyn says:

    I love it when people rip on Ben’s eating problem. Nom, nom, nom!

  9. Ryan says:

    Bam… Roasted

  10. Mike says:

    This is a scooter jacket.

  11. Ed says:

    Why is it a scooter jacket?

  12. Quinn says:

    @Mike and @ Ed – These jackets are part of REV’IT!’s City Collection which is designed for low speed riding. Technically speaking the materials used are not very abrasion resistant compared to the higher end gear and would not hold up to a low side at 80mph, but neither would a Barbour jacket. The advantage these jackets have is the addition of armor so that in a low speed accident your not shattering shoulders, elbows and vertebrae. And I will also add that my Barbour stood up to a 45mph wreck in which I slid on my stomach and it held up pretty well. I was bruised but my skin was intact. Scooter jacket or not they are better than nothing.

  13. George says:

    I love the look of this jacket and would almost certainly get one if it wasn’t for Quinn just saying it’s a “scooter jacket”. Is there another jacket with this wax look that is better for higher speed riding? What are the safest jackets? (I’m a newbie) Thanks.

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