Off-Road Maine — Update 2

We woke up in the Green Mountains, packed up and hit the dirt road. Dirt roads through the Green Mountains were fun. We stopped at the Dam Diner for a big breakfast then headed back to the Green Mountains to ride dirt through the northern section. The trails were sick. At one point there was a dead end sign even though it was supposed to be a thru road. We kept going. The trail got muddy, then muddy and rocky. Riding a technical trail with the bike fully loaded was tricky, but we made it. Bikes did go down, I’m not naming names. My bike didn’t go down.

Earlier in the day I told Ben and Andrew to meet us in Hanover, NH. They never met us. Turns out Dartmouth is in Hanover. We found a campsite, ditched our bags and headed into town for a Friday night of drinking with college girls. Wrong. Turns out Dartmouth is the lamest college town on the east coast. There wasn’t a decent bar in the entire town. We drank in a basement BBQ joint with a handful of very boring, well behaved college kids. Fuck Dartmouth.

Our campsite was 10 miles up Rt 91. We jumped on the highway around midnight and it was covered in a thick fog. I could see maybe 20 feet in front of me. I just stared at the center line and hoped for the best. It was harrowing.

Ben was pushing on through the night, but had a problem with his headlight so he had to stop in NY. Maybe he’ll catch us the next day…


3 responses to “Off-Road Maine — Update 2”

  1. Ed says:

    Damn… That will be the goal of the trip right… To meet up with Ben somewhere

  2. Adam says:

    Diner breakfasts on the road are great.

    Lets see more photos!

  3. Adam says:

    and my money is on dana not going down…. so that means… hahah

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