PA trip – day 4

Stuck in state college again because of rain.

Well… Today was the longest day ever and pretty boring. We still made the right decision coming here because i’d rather be bored here with stuff to do than sitting in a tent in the rain in the woods.

Like I said, I lived here for 4 years when I went to college 10 years ago. It was fun to do some of the stuff I used to do.

We went to donate plasma to offset the motel room for 2 nights but they wouldn’t take us since we don’t live in their target area. Bummer.

We checked out the army/navy store. Nate tried on gas masks. It’s going to be the new cool MC look in 2015. Just wait.

Nate serenaded a girl at the guitar store.

We saw Adams new house furniture outside a shitty frat house.

We ate at my favorite food spot: Panda Express. Then we walked around and I told him ridiculous stories about shit that happened at psu.

We talked a shit ton about girls…obviously. We talked about how most all girls are looking for the 3 P’s: protect / provide / procreate. Hey… We didn’t make it up. It just is what it is.

Both nights we went bar hopping and I drank way way too much and woke up both mornings feeling like death.

We’re finally getting back on the road this coming morning since weather broke, and we’re heading to raystown lake to meet neighbor Brian and hopefully swim and cliff jump.

On the way out of psu, we’re going to stop by the honda dealership I used to work at and lube our cables / chains after our bikes sat rusting in the rain for 2 days.


7 responses to “PA trip – day 4”

  1. D car says:

    What the fuck is plasma?

  2. Devyn says:

    That canyon pizza car is perfect. 814-867-JoPa

  3. Adam says:

    I lived above Jim’s Army Navy store. Jim is an absolute nut.

    Donating plasma would mess me up. They put like a 10 gauge needle in your arm and circulate your blood in and out of you to separate out the plasma. You can see you blood being centrifuged right next to you, the plasma collecting, and then the blood being pumped back in you. They repeat that process until they get enough which takes about an hour and pays $25. Seemed worth it back then…

  4. Chris francione says:

    It’s come to this….plasma donation?wtf!

  5. Tom says:

    apparently gas masks were all the rage in 2011 too:

    also, plasma donation hardly seems worth it other than for the good samaritan points.

  6. Jim says:

    Canyon Pizza. Adam took us there on the way to Mid-Ohio last year.

    They chain the condiments to the counter so drunks can’t walk away with them.

  7. ben says:


    We all know damn well, that you living “outside the target area” is not the real reason they wanted nothing to do with your filthy STD Polack Plasma!

    Come on, tell the truth!

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