79 IT250 – progress


The IT is coming along.

  • Got the Vermont registration so I can actually ride the thing legally now
  • Sorted out all the little missing bolts and retarded shit from the previous owner. Needs a different silencer. Looking for a good, used DG piece.
  • Got it cleaned up. The blue and yellow is pretty wild looking. Minus some missing OEM yamaha decals which I haven’t bought yet… this is actually how it’s supposed to look from the factory. Pretty ugly, but I’m really into it.
  • Had Adam loosen some stuck bottom-end bolts for me with his air compressor. Doing crank seals tomorrow.
  • I get some “false neutrals” between 2nd-4th gear sometimes. Not sure whats up with that yet. Anyone ever experience this? Does thicker crankcase oil help?
  • It runs semi okay, but the carb needs some adjustments. I have some Boyesen reeds to put in too. Then it should rip pretty good.

11 responses to “79 IT250 – progress”

  1. Patrick Huff says:

    Looking good man, I’m a sucker for the blue and yellow of the ITs. My Bultaco Alpina that I’m finishing up is similar colors. Can’t wait to get it out in the woods. Good luck with finishing it up.

  2. Jim says:

    Ugly? No way! Looks great man!

  3. Steve says:

    I get the same false neutral every once in awhile on my DT.

  4. Kenny says:

    Get the false neutrals on my DT from time to time also.

  5. Brandon says:

    Hey, I’m familiar with the vt registration trick, but I’ve never reall looked into it for ITs which were never really titled for on road use. Could you shoot me a quick overview of what you had to do for yours? Pictures of the lights/etc? Just say it was a farm bike? Say it was a DT?

    I’d really appreciate any insight you could give me. I’ve got an awesome 250 I’m trying to get on the road as well, haven’t tried anything yet but I’d like to get my vt application right for the first time.

  6. ed says:

    I already received my VT registration and license plate for the IT and I’m riding it around just like any other street legal bike. I didn’t do anything different than what I stated in my “how to get a VT reg” post. I don’t think VT or PA know what an IT is. They just look at the VIN and see what type of VIN it is: Street / dual-purpose / off-road.

    This website list VIN records:
    IT250F – 1979 – 250 – IT250 – Dual-Purpose – 2X7-000101

    As listed above, it states my year / model Yamaha IT is “dual purpose type” VIN (same as all IT’s), which can def be street legal since that’s what the DT / CT / AT is listed as.

    On the flip side a YZ250 is “off-road” VIN, so I think in that situation, when VT or PA runs the VIN, they’d see “off-road” and flag it, and not issue you a reg or title.

    That’s the way I look at it.

    I’m going to transfer my IT250 VT reg into PA this week. I’ll respond again if I have problems, but most likely it’ll be fine. My CT1 VT and PA reg went through no prob at all, and now I have a legit PA title. IT should be the same.

  7. […] or “street”. “Off-road” type VIN can’t be titled for street use. Read comment #5 and #6 if you want more […]

  8. colin says:

    Lookin good Ed! False neutrals are usually caused by a) worn or bent shift forks b) worn shift fork dogs c) worn shift barrel or d) worn shift actuator(different on different bikes, I think on the IT it’s a ‘spring and pawl’ type) Basically bottom end rebuild time to get her done- it’ll take you a weekend.

  9. ed says:

    Yea, at some point i’ll get in there and figure it out. It’s not horrible, the bike still rips pretty good. Just every now and then a false neutral happens.

  10. Colby says:

    Taking me down memory lane with this one, Ed! I had a 1979 IT250 when I was probably too young back in 1999. It wasn’t nearly as good looking as yours, but it sure could go.

  11. Evan says:

    Looks sweet. Love these early IT’s. Just rec’d VT reg & plate for a 78 IT-175E & insured it…bye bye low 1100 OD miles & orig IRC Volcanduro tires 😛
    BTW, I sent VT: A pic of VIN # & OD reading; Copy of NADA ($81.30 tax on $1355 “good”); $44 reg fee & notarized bill of sale…& got plated within 10 days.
    Have you tried Spectro 80 wt gear oil? For those with cracked carb boots you can replace or remove, clean & reinforce with thin CA modeling glue which wicks well into tiny cracks.
    Do you know if Yamaha shortened the fork rake for the IT-250 in 1979 like they did for the IT-175F?

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