Stolen Bikes

Last night our buddy’s garage on the 2100 block of North 2nd Street between Susquehanna and Diamond was broken into. The thieves took 3 Honda XR650’s a Yamaha DT125 and a bunch of tools. If you’re in the Philly area and see these bikes, let us know.


Bike 1: 2000 XR650L

Bike 2: 2006 XR650

Bike 3: 2001 XR650R

Bike 4: 1976 Yamaha DT125

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  1. Ben the Man says:

    Cops took prints, are looking through the video cameras on the block, and are putting out pictures of our bikes to the local precincts.

    If we find these cocksuckers we aint calling the police, or no ambulance.

  2. Mike K. says:

    Sorry guys, I know how shitty that feels. Sounds like a long shot, but notify any local shops and give them pictures also. I ended up getting my bike back because the dude took it into a bike shop to get new grips.

  3. Frank says:

    Sorry to hear this.
    I work part time at Bromley’s in Trevose, Pa. We’ll have a watchfull eye

  4. ed says:

    So shitty. People in philly are the worst. I hate this city.

  5. Andrew says:

    I’m right over the bridge in NJ, but I’ll keep an eye out. I follow some threads on the forum (actually where I first heard of this site and meet about a month ago), might be worth posting this in the Northeast section over there.

  6. Alex V says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this. Hope you boys can find the assholes and get the bikes back. This is some shitty news. Best of luck and i’ll keep an eye out.

  7. Enzo says:

    Obviously sorry for you guys.
    My bike is parked in a gated parking lot, covered 24/7, locked, and hidden from the street.I found it uncovered (cover still missing) and moved a few inches about 2 weeks ago. The fact that someone tried taking it infuriated me. I didn’t get as unfortunate as you guys and will definitely be on the look out on the streets but also the Northeast Craigslists. Those scumbags knew what you had in your garage so I doubt they’ll be dumb enough to post the bikes online any time soon… I’m hoping they do so, so you can find them and chop some fingers and toes off (and get your bikes back).
    Best of luck guys!

  8. Bonnie Johnnie says:

    I know a lot of the low down dudes around this area and will look for them. Rest assured this pretty white boy will knuckle up and get some people bloody if I find ’em. Keep your heads up guys….

  9. Adam says:

    Glad to hear the positive response guys and thanks to all of you who are keeping an eye out.

  10. Joe Collins says:

    We’ll keep an eye out…

  11. Ted says:

    Ouch. I’ll keep my eyes open in south philly.

  12. colin says:

    I think ed’s right though… y’all should probably move out to montana!

  13. Nick V says:

    No word but shitty. Wishing you guys lick from the other coast.

  14. bg says:

    I work at a small bike shop just north of Trenton. I will keep on the lookout.

  15. Brian G says:

    Thanks for the support and for everyone looking out for these bikes. Although I am not feeling very optimistic right now that any of these bikes will be seen again, it would be amazing to get them back. Losing the DT really hurts because replacing it will be difficult and I tuned it up and had it running great just the day before it got stolen. Hopefully the shithead who has it can’t find the hidden kill switch.
    I have beefed up security at the garage, with more security features on the way. Last time I made it a little too easy for the badtards to get in. Good luck getting in next time assholes.

  16. Jason says:

    Sorry to hear. I’ll keep an eye out in the Atlantic City area.

  17. Ural Rich says:

    OK, this is going to sound a little off the wall…

    I was driving home tonight on the PATP, headed East into NJ.
    Somewhere between Rt. 611 and Rt, 1 I noticed a pick-up with a bike in the back.
    The pick-up was maroon/red, PA plates and had a motorcycle in the back.
    As I approached it, I wondered what it was because it had a neat rear rack and a round taillight.
    As I got closer I noticed it was a little Yahama.

    Damn, I can’t swear it was that bike, I’m not a Yamaha expert, but it sure did look like it.

    The pick-up was maroon/dark red, PA plates, driver had a full beard and had the “hipster” look, headed East on PATP at about 5:15pm.
    It was going a tad too slow in middle lane and there was a bike in it, hence the reason I noticed it.

  18. Brian G says:

    If anyone has any information about these bikes email me at

    @Ural Rich did you happen to get the plate number of that truck??

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