Nov 7th dirt bike trip – camping details


I called the main forest office twice today and got all the details from some lady. Here is what we’re gonna do:

  • Leave philly friday at 8pm. Nov 6th
  • Meet at aramingo wawa gassed up and ready to LEAVE AT 8pm
  • Get to forest/campsite at 11ish. Easy drive, all highway. $5 toll on turnpike
  • I figure we can set up at night. Better than getting there Sat at 1pm
  • We’re going to stay at campsite #70. It’s free for everyone. Lady said camp sites are real far apart and almost all spots are open at the moment. See Word DOC and PDF
  • Lady said the dirt roads/trails are extensive… ride up and down sides of mountains. Good look out points. “Vistas” on the map.
  • She tried to tell me the 2 main paths we want to stay on are:
    – dual sport on forest road
    – dual sport on driveable trail
  • She said it is deer hunting season, so heads-up
  • Rip around all day Sat, and Sunday morning… get back to philly Sunday night
  • Weather should be mid 50’s during the day … if it’s supposed to rain, we’ll reschedule
  • Dont forget… bring extra gas / plugs / oil / tools / camp chairs etc etc

camping-locations – word doc

camping-locations – pdf map

dual-sport-trails – map

mountain-terrain – topography

2 responses to “Nov 7th dirt bike trip – camping details”

  1. Ben says:


    I might leave earlier on Friday like around 4 or 5.

  2. Ed says:

    FYI: we need to do 3 bikes per truck since Adams truck is out of commission and Alex’s truck also might not make it.

    We’ll have a chase car that extra people can go in so trucks aren’t crammed.

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