How to get a motorcycle title

We’ve already covered this topic in a previous post for small cc enduros: Get a title with a Vermont Registration. However, for larger cc motorcycles that fit the below requirements there is an additional form that you have to submit:

1. Titleable motorcycles 300 cc’s or more last registered in another state are required to have a VIN verification from the Vermont personnel listed above.
2. All used motorcycles 500 cc’s or more being registered/titled in Vermont for the first time, regardless of model year are required to have a VIN verification from the Vermont personnel listed above.

Here are the steps to getting a Vermont plate and registration for a motorcycle. I’m sharing this info with the hope that it’ll help keep another old motorcycle on the road.

Here’s how I registered my KZ750:

1. Bill of Sale
2. Vermont Registration Form VD119
3. VIN Verification

1. Make a Bill of Sale to show proof a sale. This can be between any parties and does not need to be notarized.


2. Fill out VT Form VD119. I originally submitted my form without the VIN Verification and it was mailed back to me with the red markups.

  • Motorcycle fee is $48
  • Tax is 6% of the NADA good value.
  • Write check for total amount payable to: Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

3. Bring the motorcycle to an Auto Tag shop and have them complete a VIN Verification form. If you’re in PA you can use the PA MV-41 form or the VT form VT010.


5. Mail everything to:

      Vermont DMV
      120 State ST
      Montpelier VT 05603

Turn around is 2-3 weeks and what you get back are VT plates and registration. You can then use that registration paperwork to apply for a PA title and registration.

If this has helped you out we could use your help to keep the COTT website going. Thanks in advance!

41 responses to “How to get a motorcycle title”

  1. D car says:

    And the auto tags place could care less about inspection and all that I’m guessing? I always heard this involved a state trooper to look over the bike first and that they’d look for signals, mirrors and all that. Maybe that was just for PA. Either way, good info

  2. Adam says:

    Correct, the VIN verification isn’t contingent on anything else about the motorcycle. At first I was confused with the instructions on the Vermont Website and also thought it had to be done by a State trooper:

    “VIN verifications done out-of-state are to be completed by motor vehicle officials or state level law enforcement officials, or by those personnel authorized by that other state to perform VIN verifications, subject to approval by the Vermont Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. Military personnel may have the VIN verification completed by the Commanding Officer or Provost Marshal of the military base. VIN verifications performed out-of-state must be accompanied by a letter of identification of agent on official letterhead.”

    But when you think about it, the verification was completed by a State level authority which is the Auto Tags place. They are authorized by the state to register and tag vehicles. I also think Vermont doesn’t give a shit and just needs to see a piece of paper that just ‘looks’ legit.

    My bike is a good example cause all they did was verify the VIN on the frame and didn’t care that it didn’t have a motor or that it wasn’t rideable. I brought it to them exactly as it looks in the picture.

  3. Alex V says:

    This is a really good write up. Thanks for the info!

  4. Sam says:

    I’m in the process of doing this but had two questions- the form asks for VT drivers license number? I live in CT so do I just put CT?

    Second, my bikes a 250cc I read I didn’t need the VIN verification?

    Long story short I bought my bike three years ago but the title is messed up- someone signed in the wrong spot and the Dmw won’t accept bill of sale because the title is in the 1st owners name even tho it has his signature. Second owner never registered it but signed the title… I’m third owner. VT is my only hope of getting it registered so I can transfer it and get a new title… Not sure if CT is going to check for old titles tho when I bring in the VT info?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Adam says:

    @Sam What year/model are you trying to do this for?

    Look at my form in the post. I did not put anything in the VT driver license box.

    250cc bikes do not need a VIN verification.

    I have had similiar title issues that you’ve described. Can you contact the last owner and have them request a copy of the title? That would get him a fresh title that you can then transfer. Or, shop around different tag places to find one that would be willing to work with your title.

  6. Seth says:

    Going to try this soon for my 1989 Yamaha XT350 that has no title. I saw the original post from 2014 and wondered if this still worked. Then saw this post from 2016 and saw replies from yesterday and it re instilled my confidence. Ill let you guys know how it goes.

  7. JR says:

    On your VIN verification, did you have to provide any other documentation other than the MV-41 form you have the picture of? No other station letterhead or documentation of the VIN verification station or mechanic?

  8. Adam says:

    Correct. That form is all you need.

  9. JayP says:

    I tried to do this for a smaller cc, a 1999 Kawasaki 125 and they sent the paperwork back and I called and they told me I have to take it to a inspection station and get them to sign off that it is street legal. Any tips on this? ( I live in New Jersey)

  10. Tyler says:

    I’m about to buy a 1976 cb400f. Barn bike. No title. Seller is last owner. I’m thinking of going this route to get a pa title. What are the chances of pa finding the bike titled in someone else’s name?

  11. eric says:

    hey guys, i cant wait to get this process started. however i am not finding anything online as to where i can go for VIN inspection here in chicago. nothing comes up on google searches. where can i get this done at where i dont need the bike inspected for safety etc. ? also there are no “tag shops” here in chicago that come up on google searches. tips? pointers? its a 650cc bike so i will need VIN verification

  12. eric says:

    will vermont do the VIN check for me???

  13. eric says:

    last question…..would a copy of an online search from the official DMV website do the job?

  14. Jan Wodnicki says:

    Hi, I have a 1984 Honda NQ50 Moped, will I have to do a VIN verification? Also, it has no odometer. Will that be a problem?

  15. William says:

    Just as a heads up to people looking to do this (and the author), it looks like Vermont has updated their fee schedule for registering a motorcycle. The fee for a motorcycle registration is now $48 as listed on

    http://dmv [.] vermont [.] gov/fees/registration

    (link disabled because I don’t know the rules here yet, and don’t want my comment blocked)

    Got my VIN verification this afternoon and collecting my paperwork in an envelope now. I’ve got a 1993 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 I’d really like to get back on the road.

    This guide was especially helpful to me since I’m in PA and basically got a step by step guide on how to do this complete with ALL my documentation. Thanks!

  16. William says:

    @Eric (If you still are reading), You should be able to get your VIN verification done at any mechanic’s shop that is also capable of doing motorcycle inspections. Call them and ask, worst they will say is “we don’t do that here”. Other than that, Messenger services that process titles should be able to do the VIN verification as well. I would have gone with one of those since they only said they’d charge $5 for it, but they insisted on me bringing the bike in. It’s not roadworthy yet, and I don’t want to dump money into parts until I have a title in hand. The mechanic offered to just come to my house and do it on site since his shop was so close. It was a little more expensive at $20, but well worth it since I didn’t have to push my bike anywhere, or arrange a trailer.

  17. Jerry Pitts says:

    Where did you come up with the figures for your plates and taxes, 6% doesn’t add up to $44.00

  18. Tony S says:

    I’ve done the VT reg for a couple mopeds. They don’t need a vin verification, just leave that part blank. Take a couple pictures of the bike, send it in with the check, bill of sale, and VT DMV reg form and in 2 weeks you should have your plate and reg card.

  19. Bob Barron says:

    You need to add to the list:
    4.) Letter of Authorization for the VIN verification.
    Letter of Authorization:
    a. Letter must be on company letterhead
    b. Date (within last 30 days)
    c. Dealer Number or Lien holder ID number
    d. State what the agent is authorized to do on behalf of the company
    e. Name of the Authorized Agent(s)
    f. Signature of company representative
    g. Original, faxed or photocopy is acceptable.
    Ask the person doing the VIN verification to provide this; they will most likely look at you sideways and say; “what’s that?” So you have to be assertive and explain (a) thru (g) from above. Seems redundant both the VIN verification and letter of authorization have the same information. Just another bureaucratic hoop to jump through.

    As of July 1, 2016 the application form has changed, DMV-VD119 is the new form; actually simplified a bit.

  20. Ayden Cross says:

    Great info. I have a 2013 Harley Davidson Softail Slim I got out of an Estate and because of “issues” with the probate of the Estate I don’t have a title as of yet … I want to be able to ride the bike legally (a Vermont tag/sticker would work) but it’s Florida tag and sticker have expired … Getting the VIN checked in Florida isn’t a problem for me, I understand that process but what does Vermont do with the VIN info, do they run the VIN number themselves or check the legitimacy of the inspector verifying it (badge # or mechanic or tag store, etc) or do they take the info we supply at face value on the honor system?

  21. Stummble on this off Chopper Swapper…Going to give it a shot.
    My Only question is have you had anyone from California
    be suscessful in getting a VT Title and Plate with usung
    Ca DMV forms??

  22. Mike Carpenter says:

    Sorry, but you can’t use the Vermont registration only because the 2013 is too new. Vermont requires titles for newer than 15 years of age.

  23. Jon Kosmoski says:

    Great info. Did you also fill out the Customer Copy page of VD119 ? Thanks, – Jon

  24. darrell deibel says:

    does this work if i live in ohio?

  25. Heis says:

    Good write!

    How does one go about the vin inspection part in states where Tag & Title shops dont exist? Specifically talking about virginia anyone knows? ThAnks

  26. nick says:

    heads up, VT will no longer register ‘Enduro’ bikes without being inspected by a VT DMV. for people like me, this means its impossible and I’ll have to go through the ridiculous 12 step NJ program to title this stupid bike.

  27. Adam says:

    What gets classified as an enduro? What was the bike you got rejected on and did you talk to somebody at the VT DMV?

  28. Kyle says:

    I bought my first bike! ’84 Honda VF750F. I’m cleaning the carbs right now so I’m hoping a cop will come out and run the VIN for me. Will the new Vermont form 119 with the VIN verification from a cop be enough for their DMV? I just want the title in my name so I can put the bike on the road again. The title is MIA.

  29. scott black says:

    heis, your best best is to go to the cop shop and have them run the vin and fill out the paperwork.I did that in georgia to get a title for a truck i bought at auction

  30. Richard D Queen says:

    Ive got an 84 kawasaki zn700ltd rat ride chopper/bobber which I really need the tag & title for. And will everything you’ve mentioned before,will it work for me in my situation?

  31. Can I do an 07 victory Vegas eight ball

  32. Josiah says:

    Hey everyone,

    I’m looking to pick up a 2001 xt225 for cheap without a title. I already ran the vin and it’s not stolen. Bike was last registered in PA, where I live in 2011. Two questions:

    1. Previously it stated vermont wont tag enduros unless they’re inspected in vt. Will this constitute as an enduro?

    2. Since the bike was last titled and registered in PA, will there be issues once i get the VT registration and tags and try to get a new title in PA? Will the system show that another person has the title in PA already and my request be denied? Thanks!

  33. Ms. Tokyo says:

    Interested to know if anyone has had problems with local law enforcement while running the VT tags on PA roadways? My bike was previously titled in PA but most recent prior owner never had it transferred. Rather than jump through that hoop, I’m planning to just keep the VT tag on it and roll the dice. Have done the same with a trailer and Maine tags for a few years now.

  34. terry bloom says:

    I just recently purchased a 1978 dt400 and need a pa title i was reading the comments and saw where someone commented that Vermont will not issue a registration plate with outa Vermont inspection is there any truth to this

  35. Jim Holifield says:

    I followed all of the steps and it worked flawlessly to get my title-less 1980 Suzuki GN400 registered. (I live in Indiana.) I’ll plan on doing this again in the future, if the need arises. Relatively painless, and not too expensive. I’m sure that it saves a lot of good bikes from being stripped down for parts.

    Thanks for the great write-up!

  36. Bayou Ogre says:

    I used this system to get my Sporty registered in Vermont. Later, I transferred that to my home state and received a registration and title for it. Easy Peasy! Thanks COTT!

  37. Bob Beaudry says:

    If I go through the process in Vermont and get the title and owners card Would I be able to stop with that and get a renewal from Vermont?

  38. Anthony says:

    Will i be able to register my 2005 ktm 400 . Just want to make sure vermont will do it. Thank You

  39. […] just keep it registered to VT because renewal fees are cheaper out there than they are out here. How to get a motorcycle title – Chin on the Tank ? Motorcycle stuff in Philadelphia. CBR600 F3, DT175, GL1100, GS850G, 250T-F, GSX1100G Miss Mercedes is online now […]

  40. Roul Benterr says:

    Wondering if you may know if a Baja MB 200 would qualify to register and obtain a title for?

  41. Benjamin L.Pruitt says:

    I need an title

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