Northeast On Old Motorcycles

The good weather has had me thinking a lot about this years cycle trips. At some point, myself and few others are looking at taking a trip up through upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and possibly Maine. Anyone reading this have any good recommendations for camping spots, roads to take, swimming holes, sights worth seeing, diners, bars, strip clubs etc? Please comment if you have anything.

Not an exact route but you get the idea.


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  1. Nate says:

    My suggestions so far:
    -Use to map out roads
    -Use to find sweet swimming holes to stop at along the way
    -Stop at Alchemist Brewery to try Heady Topper and see if the hype is worth it.
    -Maybe, if time permits, get to Acadia in Maine

  2. doug m. says:

    8 of us just did this trip last august. a couple recommendations i would have are 1. Harpoon Brewery on route 5 in vermont, great outdoor spot with a distillery right next door. 2. climb mount washington on the bikes. it is totally worth the 13 bucks or what ever it is up to. 3. white horse motorcycle gear near Conway is worth stopping at if you need any gear and it is a great starting point to hit the Kancamagus Highway. This is a must do as it is one of new englands most noted motorcycle roads. head west out of Conway and rip it up. There is an unbelievable swimming hole right along this road. it can get crowded if it is hot though. camping at Injun Joes court in Danville Vermont is pretty decent, they have cabins you can crash in if the weather gets bad. Really nice old lady runs the joint and pretty much lets you do what ever you want. Have fun on the ride.

  3. Steve West says:

    Swing through Brattleboro, VT and hook up with the Vintage Steele crew. They’ll help you guys for sure and they’re super rad.

    While you’re up there visit Walt Siegl Motorcycles in Harrisville, NH. Amazing bikes emerge from there and he’s a good guy. Email him beforehand to coordinate a visit.

  4. Adam says:

    @ Doug, thanks that’s exactly the kind of suggestions I was looking for. Did you post pictures from your trip somewhere online? Post the link if you did.

  5. Adam says:

    @Steve, I’ve been insta following Vintage Steele and they do some impressive stuff. Making a stop in their town is a good idea. I’d also love to meet Walt. I’ll have to ask around but I think the one person I know in Philly that owns a Walt Siegl bike is friends with him. I’d love to see his workshop.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. Cory says:

    Lots of good roads in Sebago Maine area. If you find yourself around there in late August or early September I can show you around the area and offer a warm bed or at least a cold floor at the lake house, swimming hole included.

  7. Adam says:

    Hi Cory, that sounds awesome! I’d really like to take you up on that offer. I’ll hit you up once I pick a week to do the trip.

  8. Cory says:

    Sure, ask me on one of the Thursday rides. I’m on the red/black CB750.

  9. Nick says:

    Thats a shit ton of miles. I’m from north NJ so I have ridden most of the area. Everything will be mom and pop shops once you get to the Adirondacks and into Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Bar Habor (Cadillac Mt.) is out of the question as it still a haul away from where you will be. Also it will be all indirect back roads once you are off the NY Thruway. Into mountain top look outs? Try White Face Mountain NY, Mt. Washington NH and Mt. Mansfield in VT. All are accessible via paved roads. Mt. Washington will be hit or miss due to weather, but definitely try it as its some serious shit. You can take a ferry from NY into Burlington and stop at Magic Hat. Also, LongTrail is right outside Woodstock Vt. You can ride the VT “6 Gap” in one day (its all the highest peaks in VT Green Mountains). I could go on and on. I will email you my VT and NH routes when I get a chance if you want them. Seriously though, stay out the strip clubs. They are crap.

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