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This past weekend was another great jalopy shred in the Reading woods. The 30+mph winds made the drive up sketchy in our tiny Toyotas but it was all worth it once we got to the woods. I severely lacked at taking any good photos but sometimes that’s a sign of how fun the trip was because I couldn’t stop laughing or riding my DT long enough to pull out my camera. So, out of 7 trucks, 18 people, and 16 shiddy dirtbikes… these are the few photos (if anyone has any more they want to post please send them to me):

All because of old jalopy dirt bikes. Another great Sunday in PA.

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2016-04-03 11.31.16
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DT day #dtznuts

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@kletus_ ruling hard and flying high on an 80. #readingwoods #dtznuts #sundayfunday

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Having fun in the dirt #dtznuts

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Dicks on the tank. #Yamaha #dt #dirtbike

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Ready, set, #brap

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Sunday funday done right. #redneck

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All smiles yesterday.

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I’m gonna get weird and say that myself and everyone else was really sweating Kletus’s Yamaha 80. Maybe it was because of how gnarly he rode it or because I can’t remember seeing one in person before. I tried to do some research on these little Yamaha’s here’s what little info I found:

1973-81 GT1 – GT80H
Front Tire (stock): 2.50 x 15
Rear Tire (stock): 2.75 x 14
Ground Clearance (mm): 7.7 in.
Wheelbase (mm): 41.1 in.
Weight (DRY): 130.0 pounds
Bhp: 4.9
Torque (kgm) @ rpm: 4.5 ft lbs @ 7,200

I’ve been in the market for a tiny bike to teach my nephew to ride on. I’ve been looking for a Z50 Mini Trail but prices for them are insane so definitely keeping my eyes open for finding one of these.

Here’s a bunch of shitty low res internet photos. I’m going to look through my stash of old dirt bike magazines to see what other info I can find. If you know anything more about these please comment.

gt 80 Rubens Weg

8 responses to “Tiny Yamaha’s”

  1. Ben the Man says:

    Great weekend. I’m definitely gonna be scouring through Mid-Ohio for one of these bad boys. I might even pull a Radke if you don’t buy it first!

  2. Radke says:

    …not if I get it first.

  3. brad says:

    Weird how much of a man crush we all had on Kletu’s berm shredding ability.

  4. Brittany says:

    I^ I def had a girl crush. Haha so much fun with you dudes! Been spending literally 3 hours a night lookin for an old bike on Craigslist. Just may have landed a friend deal. If all goes well, catch yas again next time!

  5. Quinn says:

    Britt has drank the DT kool-aid

  6. Carson says:

    If any of y’all knuckleheads riding DT175s are in the market for a gnarly upgrade to your exhaust. Theres a Torque Engineering pipe on ebay for a good deal. It’s made for a Kawasaki F7, but wouldn’t be hard to modify for a DT. Ive got a whipsering smith on my DT250 and it fucking rules.

    heres the link. make your bike sound like the popcorn machine it was meant to.


  7. Carson says:

    Also… If y’all really wanna get a raging 2-stroke boner. search expansion chamber on ebay and refine it to “used” condition.

  8. Brian says:

    I put what I think was a torque engineering pipe on my DT250. It was fucking LOUD! Obnoxious loud. So loud nobody wanted to ride with me. I felt so lonely. I had to go back to a stock pipe.

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