Gathering of the Nortons V2


Too much different plans going on for this. This is what I’m doing if anyone wants to join…

Ed and I are going to be camping at Deer Wood Campground in the Tohickon Valley Park. We’ve camped here before and it’s nice low key spot and I don’t expect it to be busy. It’s $20 a site for 6 people. However, last time I camped there early in the season there wasn’t any rangers around to collect the 20 bucks.

Weather is supposed to be clear. High of 65 with a low of 40.

Meet up at C&S, we’ll be leaving at 5pm. It’s roughly an 1.5 hr ride to the campsite. We’ll be stopping at Dilly’s Corner for dinner and should get to the campsite with enough light to setup camp and start a fire. Pack your own booze of choice. In the morning, there’s a little deli called Point Pleasant Food Store to stop at for a breakfast sandwich and coffee. The show is a 20min ride from the campsite. I plan to be back in Philly by 1pm.

Anyone reading this is welcome to join. Just make sure your jalopy is good to go.


If you haven’t been to the Norton show before take a look at the map. There are 2 Washington Crossing parks. One in PA and one in NJ. The show is on the PA side.

Remember that time a picture of Nate’s bike parked at the Norton show got shit talked on the internet?


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  1. Alex Quinn says:

    Old post deleted for continuity. Thanks for taking the reigns Adam.

  2. Jake says:

    I would have loved to read all the comments from the last thread.

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