STONE 1974

I recently found out about this old movie. It’s a bizarre movie in that weird 70’s biker movie kinda way so it’s definitely worth watching. It’s about the Gravediggers crew of bikers and they all ride Kawasaki Z1 900’s. Anyone know of other old biker movies where they ride Japanese bikes?

It would be cool to know if some of these bikes are still around just like they looked in the movie.

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  1. Mike says:

    So just to be clear Ed’s Z1 would smoke all of these clowns right?

  2. Adam says:

    I think Ed has a cameo at minute 9:42 in the movie… just kidding Ed.

  3. Steve says:

    You had me at coffin sidehack.

  4. Nate says:

    Been wanting to see this for years just never got around to it. Looks like i got something to do Saturday.

  5. Steve says:

    Who’s got a projector/screen? COTT movie night? Somerset Shop?

  6. D Car says:

    Check out Wild Zero. It is a fucking crazy biker/zombie/rockabilly movie where they ride some wild Japanese bikes. It’s totally insane. The end has a really wild twist too.

  7. SPOTTY says:

    hi guys, just landed here by chance after finding a link on Do The Ton site, then saw your link to Stone. it’s long been a huge cult thing here in Oz

    its hard to say whether there are any film bikies left now with many replicas being built over the years.

    the bikes were all built/styled by a guy called Bertrand Cadhart, a French guy who had his own fibreglass/fairing business and was called upon to do the movie, he went on to huge success in that business, also imported Fournales airshocks for years. last I heard he was mayor of a town , Launceston, in the island state of Tasmania. he also has the mayoral scooter as opposed to a limo.

    the film itself was made on a shoestring budget and many of the actors went on to have film and tv careers later on.

    theres a big fight scene in the film outside a pub on the cliffs in Sydney. they dragged in a whole lot of real bikers to make up the numbers and the scene became an actual fight due to certain rivalries

    a while ago there was a Stone anniversary run up whats called The Old Coast Road which is where they filmed the funeral procession scenes with the coffin on the sidecar. unfortunately a car driver took exception to the unending procession of bikes behaving in the slow lane and ‘pushed’ his way through to take an exit, hit several bikes, caused a pile up and at least one rider died

    I was actually thinking about the movie yesterday when I saw a Harley rider in all white leathers and it reminded me of Stone’s riding gear in the scene where he chases the club member round the streets to prove he can ride

    all in all well worth watching and despite what the poster above says it was years before the first Mad Max

    that’s all I can think of now but in the meantime ride stay safe and be nice to Vmax riders, they may be beside you at the next set of lights…….

    cheers, Spotty

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