Ferry’s Wear Bikes

This past weekend I finally did something I’ve had on my list for awhile: take my bike on the Cape May Ferry. Since a few of the guys expressed interest on what it’s like for MC’s, I figured I’d share my experience.

The planned trip was to OC, MD for couple days in the sun with my family culminating with the eclipse. Having done a few trips to OC, I knew I wanted to avoid the usual beach traffic on DE1 and 113. Firstly, book your ride in advance cause the spots sell out quick. I grabbed my ticket the night before ($39 for the bike and myself) since the slots were very limited for vehicles. I got the last ticket on the 10AM boat. After that it was all sold out till 3:30PM and later.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning to ride to Cape May. No traffic, blue skies, and the perfect temps. They ask you arrive at least a half hour early. True to my form, I was an hour early. The woman at the gate informed me that bikes are first on, first off. Solid perk. I parked in the lineup lane that I was instructed to go to and then familiarized myself with the provided amenities in the terminal. In typical NJ fashion everything was overpriced and done in poor cheap suburbanite taste but they have a shitty free mini golf course! The ferry arrived on time and the attendant slobbered over the KZ while he checked me in. Catching old dudes left and right. On the boat I was surprised that all the ferry men wanted was they bike lined up sideways to the cars, on the kick stand with only a large chock under the front wheel. No securing or strapping whatsoever. I was a bit reluctant but figured the ferry men knew best.

File_000 File_000.1 File_001 File_002 File_003 File_004 File_005 File_006 File_007 File_008 File_009

The boat itself is 3 decks. The first deck is the vehicle’s, second is a large interior section with more overpriced and shitty food, and the 3rd Deck is wide open with bar and lounge chairs. 3rd deck it was for me. I tend to get sea sick when indoors on a boat and to my surprise the ferry rocked more than I thought it would.

File_010 File_011 File_012 File_013 File_014 File_015 File_016 File_017 File_018

We came into the Lewes, DE port a little over an hour and I was first off as promised.  I hit throttle and ripped to DE1 only to find gridlock more fierce and frustrating than any I’ve dealt with on my other usual route. Thankfully there was a bus lane and large berm that I could use to skirt the god-awful traffic the rest of the way to OC.

My takeaway? Was is a cool experience? Yea of course. Being on a boat rules. Would I  do it again? Nah. Not worth the money, time, and unavoidable traffic. Next time I head down here I am determined to find a route from south of Dover to OC via all back roads.

2 responses to “Ferry’s Wear Bikes”

  1. Ed says:

    Fuck traffic. Looked fun

  2. Adam says:

    Nice, looks like it was fun to do once.

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