Your dirt bike is junk

I’m sure it is. Mine is.

My IT250 suspension is clapped out like mikes moms squeeze box. It’s beat the F up.

Since it’s the start of winter I’m taking some time to redo a couple things. My bike always pops out of gear so gonna sort the trans, but more importantly… do the suspension.

So, this is my way of saying, we have about 4-5 months till prime dirt bike riding weather. Your bike is junk. Put some time into it.

  • Maybe do your forks. Mine were leaking bad
  • Maybe get new, stiffer fork springs. Mine are too soft
  • Maybe put on new tires
  • Maybe check your jetting. Mine was rich
  • Maybe do an oil change / air filter / clutch
  • Maybe do the crank seals. I can name several people that have air leaks

Pretty soon everyone will be old and have kids. We’re not there yet. We slacked hard on dirt bikes this past year. 2018 I want to ride more. Reading / Pines / Bridgeport / Millville vet track. I want to do some sort of race. Maybe actually do mid Ohio race this year. Fuck, let’s have a few more fun years.

Turns out there are more little differences between a YZ and IT. My forks are 36 where YZ is 38.

What I’m doing to my suspension:

  • Racetech front springs only is about $140. I’m going this route. With .43kg spring stiffness. You can choose based on how fat you are. Was going to, but not doing cartridge emulators which are an extra $200
  • Racetech rear was too expensive. Was gonna be around $500-700. I found a guy on eBay that sells an all-rebuilt yz250 shock beefed up for racing. Got it for $380. It has thicker oil, better bump stop which I was missing, and pressurized to 185psi. Dude says he uses this one on his vintage yz465 he races.

Read this: Test of a couple 70s Yamaha YZ’s with Racetech suspension:

Watch this: Having fun on old YZs:

More pics of rear suspension:

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