IT250 conundrum

So things are getting weird.

For clarity, other than popping out of gear which is the reason for the tear down, my it250 runs super crisp. Gobs of power. Compression is spot on.

After taking the cylinder off, the piston looks perfect. Zero scoring on piston or cylinder. Rings also look perfect. So I didn’t plan on doing the piston which is a happy surprise.

However, here’s where things get weird. WTF… the connecting rod is bent. Slight bend to the left. How the F did this happen and why does the bike run great?

The only conclusion I came to is that before I bought the bike I assumed the previous owner seized the motor in a gnarly way, hence the slight rod bend, which is still impressive to bend a rod. So I assumed I’d now be at the 2nd or 3rd oversized piston.

Extra weird: nope. I’m at the stock size piston and cylinder. How the F did the rod bend?

Is it possible the dude replaced the entire cylinder and piston with a STD size? That seems unnecessary.

Is it possible when I submerged the IT in water in the pines, it got water locked for a second and that created the slight bend? I doubt it since I turned the bike off right away and pulled plug to drain water before starting it. Nothing makes sense.

So that’ll be another $150 to replace the crank and rod. Shit.

Thoughts anyone?

6 responses to “IT250 conundrum”

  1. Cooney says:

    You probably sucked in just enough water so that the air/water mix couldn’t compress down enough causing that bend. It looks like your rod needle bearing cage moved to accomidate the angle too.

    If it completely filled it would have really dicked it up but it can be a sliding scale.

  2. Tall Alex says:

    69mm, nice…

  3. D Car says:

    When you ride the bike, do you sit completely straight up or do you lean to one side? If you’ve been putting on weight and leaning to the left, I could see how the rod would bend.

  4. Mike says:

    Ugh nothin worse than when it pops out and she bends your rod. I feel your pain man.

  5. Cool Jerk says:

    I think we all agree with D-Car.

  6. rich says:

    japs build goodhave a kl600that stills runs with a broken con-rod i

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