Norton camping trip 2018

Saturday was the best day I’ve had so far in 2018.

  • Woke up early, checked out Adams KZ head he picked up from machine shop.
  • Rode the IT to the coffee shop Andrew Brooks used to work at. Hung for a while.
  • Met at LC to leave for camping. Great to hang and people watch.
  • Dilly burger was amazing.
  • Dcar didn’t loose anything on 95.
  • Andrew Watson and his buddy had rad bmw’s
  • Camp fire was great.
  • Great laughs
  • Guys did weird things in Rodrigo’s tent
  • Whiskey was great
  • I slept like a baby
  • All of Saturday was amazing

Then Sunday morning came

  • It was freezing
  • It was misting and sprinkling
  • The ride home on 95 was one of the coldest miserable hours I’ve spent on a mc
  • I got home and took an hour hot shower to raise my body temp
  • It was all worth it though

Overall – 20 great hours. 1 shitty hour.


Well her she is.  My 1988 BMW r100gspd (i.e. 80gspd replica). I started digging into her last November, and now hundreds of hours later, she is ready to roll! Beside the Paris Dakar make over, the bike has some serious mechanical upgrades.  Most notably the transmission was rebuilt (including adding a circlip to 5th gear). The OEM driveshalf was switched out to the Emerald Island Co’s serviceable / rebuildable unit.  The front brake was switched out with a Harrison Billet 6 with stainless steel lines.  New TCK80s were mounted and all electric connectors were cleaned and greased.  I also switched over the heated grips from my r80rt.  Lastly the taillight was upgraded to an ultra bright LED version + a lot of heat shrink cable work to tidy up the lines. Lots more info and post to come! But here is a taste for now! #bmw #bmwr100gs #r80gs #r80gspd #r100gspd #r100gs

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Slept in the woods with the #harleydavidson #sportster

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7 a.m. Rain. 40 degrees. One hour to philly.

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5 responses to “Norton camping trip 2018”

  1. Quinn says:

    Damn looks like a helluva good time. Wish I was there

  2. D Car says:

    100% worth it

  3. Devyn says:

    We camped at Dilly’s for anyone who wasn’t there

  4. Andrew says:

    Good seeing you all! Wish we could have stayed the night. We had some of the strongest and sustained cross winds on our ride home that night. Got real sketchy crossing the bridges back into NYC. But still probably not as cold as your ride home in the Am.

  5. Yann says:

    First day was perfect, and thanks for those beauty shots of all that ‘patina’ my bike is collecting!

    Ride back was one of the coldest worst rides I’ve ever been on.

    100% worth staying the night though, this was a great start to the season!

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