POSTPONED | Babe on the back – beach ride – 2013



  • Sunday August 4th 2013
  • Meet at Reanimator Coffee at 9am.
  • Stay tuned for more trip details.
  • This is a day trip, we’ll be back before dark.
  • Must have a babe on the back of your cycle.
  • Guys bring your girl… girls bring your guy.

Pics from last year

7 responses to “POSTPONED | Babe on the back – beach ride – 2013”

  1. Adam B. says:

    Anyone planning a convoy down to the NJMP Vintage show?

  2. ed says:

    Yes – on saturday.
    I’m not sure if people are riding down in a group.
    I’m going solo.

  3. Lubes says:

    What if my babe isn’t on the back.. Must I bring a inflatable doll to ride with me?

  4. Lubes says:

    Nevermind.. I see its been pushed.

  5. Rina says:

    Happy it’s pushed… What date/s you think it’ll happen?

  6. Mike M. says:

    When’s the new date?? Lets go!!!

  7. Rina says:

    errrr. tomorrow? let’s go!

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