Harrisburg Camping Trip – Photos

About 9 of us. Not everyone knew each other super well, so that made it extra fun. Fear of rain and busy summer made for a small group this time around.

Things that stand out in my mind are:

  • awesome roads on the way there on the north side of the turnpike
  • red rabbit girl wasn’t working. bummer. she’s 40 by the way. i asked.
  • andrew and peter meeting up on the road randomly
  • going to the cabin until like 3:30am
  • going to sheetz super late night after the cabin
  • finding out that mike passed-out on the bridge and adam found him that way an hour later
  • finding out that john left his jacket at the cabin and had to go back at 5am to get it
  • awesome roads home on the west side of the river
  • pretty sure i got sun poisoning yesterday from riding home in the blazing sun
  • i fell asleep at 8pm last night

Bummer if you missed this one. It was probably my favorite so far.

Cool panoramic photo below. Scroll sideways.


2 responses to “Harrisburg Camping Trip – Photos”

  1. Brian says:

    Ed nailed it. The roads were great. The Cabin made up for a lack of quality with good quantity. Late night Sheetz food was perfect. Ed should have pantsed that dude. I got fried by the sun on the way home and I fell asleep at 8:00 pm on Sunday also. I think that means it was a good weekend.

  2. Mike A. says:

    Oh how I long for that bridge. What a sound slumber it was!

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