Gathering of the Nortons

Sunday April 27, 2014
at Washington Crossing Historic Park

I can’t wait for warmer weather, camping, boozing, and riding motorcycles.


Make sure to check the location. It’s on the PA side of the river.
Google Map

Every man for themselves. We’re not doing a big camping trip or a big ride up there.
See you guys there.

9 responses to “Gathering of the Nortons”

  1. D car says:

    Can’t wait! Last year was a ton of fun. Just gotta keep the knob creek away from my girl this year

  2. Chris francione says:

    It’s about fucking time!

  3. Ben says:

    Can not f’ing wait!

    Chris, you gonna have your stretch Honda ready by then?

  4. Chris francione says:

    @Ben, Might be its maiden voyage!

  5. andrew says:

    you guys camping the night before or just riding up for the event?

  6. ed says:

    not sure yet.

  7. Dan L says:

    Awesome! This is about 5 miles from my house, can’t wait to do a group ride on these back roads!

  8. Dan says:

    Is anyone headed up on Saturday to camp? If so, where’s the camp spot?

  9. Ed says:

    I don’t think anyone is camping. I’m riding up Sunday morning.

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