KZ750 530 Chain Conversion

Late model KZ650’s and all KZ750’s came stock with 630 chains. Converting to a 530 chain has a few benefits like being more readily available, cheaper, and lighter than 630 chains. Even modern Kawasaki’s like the ZX10R which is 1000cc, 190+ hp, and 80+ ft lbs of torque use 530 chains.

1980 KZ750 Stock:
Front/Rear: 13/33
Ratio: 2.55
Chain: 630 x 84 links

Front/Rear: 16/40
Ratio: 2.50
Chain: 530 x 102 links

JT Sprocket Part Numbers:
Front: JTF513 (16T)
Rear: JTR488 (40T)

Stock 13T sprocket (top) / 530 sprocket (bottom)

You can see the difference in chain pitch but overall diameter of the sprockets is very close.

530 chain (left) / 630 chain (right)

10 responses to “KZ750 530 Chain Conversion”

  1. brad says:

    does this also open up the availability of running the $100.00 o-ring chains? For us that believe any form of lubricant is a crime.

  2. Adam says:

    Yup, I haven’t put the chain on but the oring chains should fit fine. I dont think the KZ had enough clearance to fit the $150 630 oring chains.

  3. Ted C says:

    Weird sprocket/chain config for the late models. Your new setup should be a lot better. For my 79 KZ650 I went with 17/42. It’s an easy adjustment to drop the rpms around 1k or so during highway cruising. Here is my KZ650 setup.

    530 (JTF513 Series) 17T Fr sprocket
    530 (JTR481 series) 42T Rr sprocket
    530 Chain JT Expert HD 102 link ‘X’ Ring – tool to press and rivet chain needed

  4. Adam says:

    Cool, thanks for adding info Ted.

  5. Nate says:

    Thanks Adam. I’m thinking about doing the conversion on the 1000 this winter. Currently I am running an 630 o ring without any issues.

  6. ed says:

    I’m also running a 630 o-ring chain on my Z1… and i’ve never had to tighten it once, after 5k miles. Love it.

    I’d be really interested to see what type of “perceived performance” or “reduced drivetrain powerloss” you get from going to a lighter 530 chain.

    It’d be interesting to be a 1/4 mile run before and after.
    Or a dyno measuring rear wheel power.

    If it was anything noticeable, i’d switch to a 530.

  7. ed says:

    The myth is true…
    Going from a 530 chain to a 520 chain yields an increase in 1.5 hp / tq.

    Going from a big ass 630 chain to a 530 chain should prob be even more. Maybe 2hp.

    Shit, i’m gonna go from a 630 to a 520 chain on the z1 and get an extra 3hp?!?
    Watch out Adam, your KZ has no chance…

  8. Adam says:

    I didn’t find any reliable numbers quantifying performance numbers. I think the only reason to do this is just the availability of the 530 vs 630… and maybe just the idea that it improves performance.

  9. joelleKarma says:

    I have a 1980 KZ750H LTD. Can I do the same conversion with my bike.

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