The Race of Gentlemen | 2014

Yup it’s already fall and time for the annual Race of Gentlemen put on by the Oilers car club. It’s been cool to see this grow over the past 3 years and I imagine this years will be even better. It’s really an easy sell if you’ve seen any photos from the event.

This year, we unfortunately but understandably aren’t being invited back to the rental house. What are your guys plans for staying in Wildwood? Any good cheap hotels? Spots to sleep under the boardwalk? Backyard camping? I’m down for anything.

If you have never been check out the last 2 years:

The Race Of Gentlemen website


7 responses to “The Race of Gentlemen | 2014”

  1. Chris francione says:

    Rented a room at the stardust! It’s 25$ a night per person and it’s got a pool! Split a room fellas and don’t be so goddamn cheap! I’m meetin whoever and headin down Friday night.

  2. Chris francione says:

    Btw there’s a bike show/party sponsored by dice at the surf comber motel @ 8 fri night with the troglodytes playing!

  3. Enzo says:

    I’m going to ride down Saturday AM with a couple of dudes and ride back the same day. If anybody wants to ride down with us Saturday morning, let me know!

  4. Steve says:

    Staying at the Newport across the street from the Starlux again.
    Trying to ride down sat morning, and head back sunday morning.

  5. D car says:

    I’m at the stardust too! Looking like rain for saturday

  6. Adam says:

    Cool. I got a room at the AA Heart Of Wildwood Motel for me and the lady Saturday night. Stardust, Starlux, and Beach Terrace were all booked up.

  7. Lost Johnny says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.

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