Peter’s cross country trip – update #1

If you didn’t know…

Our buddy Peter with the gold German cb350, also has a BMW r100. And he’s currently doing a cross country trip on the BMW. Below are a few pics from his trip. Right now he’s in Boulder.

Be sure to check his Picasa HERE for more pics.

This is what he emailed me:
“Made it out to Boulder last Thursday night in just 5 days from Harrisburg (with a straight lounging day in St. Louis). Kevin (og gxr) accompanied me most of the way. Riding through the hills of WV was pretty wild, with a close call or two around some of those turns. Way too technical for the beemer. That was followed by a 600 mile ride through rain and cold in Ohio and onwards to Illinois. From there was all sunshine through the plains of Nebraska and up to the altitudes of Colorado. Aside from a small oil leak for Kev, and a faulty brake light for me, the bikes rode fine. However, now settling into the high altitude and 36 degree nights of Boulder, I’m having some issues with the bike starting up. It’s a brand new battery, so there must be something up with the charging system (though I had Aaron Childs of Working Class Cycles check it out before I left town). Oh, and my petcocks aren’t shutting off the fuel as they should, so I have service scheduled on Wednesday at Mike’s here in town.”

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  1. Adam says:

    Awesome stuff Peter! I love the pic of your speedo pinned.

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