cb360t wiring

Mapped out a super basic wiring setup.

Fresh wire and connectors.

Main harness finished.

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  1. bob. says:

    where did you pick up the colored wire? I’m getting ready to wire mine up as well.

  2. admin says:

    Now that is slim!

  3. Adam says:

    I have a stock of wires that I’ve had for awhile. I can’t remember if I got them from Harbor Freight or Pepboys but I know both have them.

    What cycle are you working on Bob?

  4. bob. says:

    Cool. I stripped my 350 down to the frame again for the winter. Just finnished swapping my stock front end with a XS650 set-up. Going all out this time. Moving back to philly next month (Roxborough area) with a nice big garage, should get some folks rounded up when I’m settled in for drinks and wrenches.

  5. chris says:

    i’m about to tear into two 350’s and would love to hear more about this 650 swap out…can you do a post?

  6. chris says:

    by the way i’m sellin the gs this spring if anyone is interested or knows anyone…got a lead on a 550f and need the cash.

  7. bob. says:

    Not sure about posting on here but here’s a link to my photobucket album: http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm60/bobdotdesign/72%20CB350%20K4%20Cafe%20Build/

    The first bunch of pics there should have comments documenting the proccess. Took a long time to figure out but anfter figuring it out its really easy. 35mm fork tubes and tons of cheap aftermarket parts for these XS front ends. http://www.mikesxs.com is where its at.

    I’m doing the XS dual disk conversion too. Overkill for a 350 but it’ll look damn cool.

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