Thursday Hiccups

This Thursday’s ride was a clusterfuck. Lots of hiccups.
From this point on the Thursday ride is going to be a little different. Mainly safer, I mean that. And that’s all that needs to be said at this point, right now.
Still fun… but safer.
And, no more going to the North Star bar (at least not every week). I don’t know about you guys, but I need a change.
We have some good stuff planned.

About 20 people showed up. More vintage cycles, but still a lot of new cycles.
Man… when are you homo’s with the new bikes gonna ditch them and get something old, slow and cool?
… just kidding, love you guys.

Aaron Buckley was in town, really good to see him happy and doing well. Aaron is a good guy, no questions asked. Aaron and our friend Janelle were denim twins last night.

North Star was real fun last night. I had a great time.

These girls… jesus… haha
Adam knows what I’m talkin about.

Adam was confused by the girls for good reasons.

20 responses to “Thursday Hiccups”

  1. I have a few nice ride ideas up in the Northwest (past CH out towards Ambler) that would be nice. I often take one or two hours sunset rides up that way in the summer. I’d be happy to lead one of the rides or just give you some destinations.


  2. admin says:

    Sounds awesome Jason.
    Def into it.

  3. Julianna says:

    Isn’t Adam always confused by ladies?

  4. Kevin says:

    Just traded in the GSX-R for a 91 K75, is that slow enough?

  5. Todd says:

    Gas = $3.81, fuck yeah.

  6. john boswell says:

    I’ll be there for the ride next week, I’m slow as shit, 350 four, shouldn’t be on baby duty. I’m planning a two wheeled thursday thing at my place. Thursday so it won’t f with the abbaye thing. Here’s what I’m thinking, anybody who braves kensington on something not Harley (shit, if you ride a harley that’s cool too) I’ll do $1.25 cans, maybe pump some dough into the jukebox for riders’ choice. I’ve got a nice open sidewalk on the side of the building, could fit 20 sickles I think. Let me know what youse think, I’d like to meet folks and look at their bikes. I’m at 2253 e clearfield street, check the website, click on my name.

    ps that was a long ass comment. sorry. John

  7. Ed says:

    Sounds awesome John!
    We r gonna do a special ride this coming Thursday the 14th but the next thurs… The 21st, we should def hit your bar up!
    I’m into it.

  8. Adam says:

    Yea John sounds awesome. We’ll hit your bar up.

  9. Joe Crowe says:

    “when are you homo’s with the new bikes gonna ditch them and get something old, slow and cool?”

    Sorry, can’t give up my Sprint ST. Unless it’s for a Segway, might be faster then some of the other bikes, but at least I’ll look cool.

  10. Justin says:

    I’d love to rock an old school put-putter, but I’m into going when I need to go, stopping when I need to stop, turning when I need to turn, and riding ’cause my shit is reliable. Im not into cycles to be seen, I’m into riding…

  11. Justin, I’ve got a 1958 Harley that is stone reliable. I personally put 140K miles on it over the last twelve years. It can be done. Old bikes don’t have to be all about scene.

  12. chris says:

    man all that bullshit doesn’t matter, people have different reasons for riding, and the bottom line is who gives a shit, just don’t kill yourself or me in the process…by the way i think ed was kinda joking…he’s making a point that we can be safer and not mess up what we have…fun and a common bond…its a community ride that started with vintage bikes, we need to adapt if we’re gonna keep it going…long gone are the days of the stampede… four or five of us cruisin in the hood…let’s make it work.

  13. Joe Crowe says:

    Agreed Chris. I do agree that riding safely is an important issue here. When you get a lot of people together safety needs to be number 1 priority mixed in with having a good time. Just ride your own ride and know your limits. Don’t put anyone else in danger. Most of us have had an accident and are living to talk about it. I am just thankful that our friend and person that has a common interest is safe and had people around to make sure he got taken care of. Doesn’t matter what type of bike you ride, just enjoy yourself and remember that we all have a passion for this.

    It could of happened to anyone of us going 25mpg around a dark corner. Doesn’t matter what type of bike you ride.

  14. ed says:

    i love everybody and whatever they wanna ride.
    new / old… whatever… i love it all.
    you’re all equally my buddies. lets just ride a little more safe. it’ll be good for everybody.

  15. john boswell says:

    INTERNET WAR! Motorbikes are cool no matter what type. Unfortunately, because of staffing issues (i can’t afford to hire more staff), I can’t make the Abbaye Tuesdays or this ride Thursdays, I work tues wed thurs nights. Small Kensington bar. . . .however, i’ll promote a two wheeled thursdays starting the 21st if you guys are into it, I’ll ride the scoot over and look at you guy’s bikes.

  16. Justin says:

    Just to be clear, I wasn’t flaming anyone, I was just ribbing the Ed a bit.
    @Jason – Isn’t that Harley having an electrical issue at the moment?!? 😉

    For me, no matter what you ride, it’s all good and I can dig it. I appreciate most all motorcycles and generally dig the uniqueness of each bike. I love this sport for the ride, and the people you meet along the way. Some are knuckleheads and you have to keep an eye on ’em, but that’s the nature of any human group. You’re crazy if you think this is a safe game. Look at any statistic pertaining to motorcycles and it stands well apart from any other form of transportation in the casualty department. No matter what you do, there’s risk, and only experience and miles will equip you to manage it. We get a lot of new riders – which I love – but that experience isn’t necessarily there. Like Joe said, people need to ride their own ride, and know that they won’t be left behind. It’s a group “ride” not race.

    This accident has prompted a lot of conversation, and I feel like some of it isn’t 100% fair. For some of us, speed is definitely a component. Technique, skill, and general bike control are equally thrilling to develop as watching the road roll by. Different strokes for different folks. I just feel that sometimes – especially from the older heads – the sport crew gets a bad wrap because our fear hits at a different level. We’re the “crazies” and “irresponsible” and get the general headshake. Some people think they know ’cause they’ve been around, and that’s fine. It’s just tiring. No one wants to die, no one wants to get hurt or hurt someone else, everyone wants to have fun.

    Bottom line? Everyone I’ve met has been cool, I love the ride, and I’m into whatever will legitimately make people generally safer.

  17. @Justin – no. ;-0

  18. Nick says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been parking next to Ed’s bike(s) at work for a while now and I’ve been meaning to catch up with you all for a ride. Thursday I actually opted out to ride my Shadow over to NJ to work on my ‘new’ ’75 CB550K1…hoping to have it on the road within the next week or so. We’ll see what tonight brings. Hope to see/meet all of you guys soon.

  19. admin says:

    cool Nick, hope you make it out soon.

  20. Adam says:

    Rad Nick. Looking forward to meeting you on a Thursday ride.

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