Revzilla | Icon 1000 Rimfire Gloves

I bought these gloves mid-summer on the recommendation of my buddy Jim at Revzilla. I was looking for something simple and classic but with some modern protection. I wanted to try something other than the standard horsehide work gloves or Mechanix brand gloves I would normally wear which don’t offer too much protection. There’s tons of motorcycle gloves out there but very few with a minimalistic clean look to them.

These gloves were a great fit with a classic look and knuckle armor that’s flexible until impact. They’ve held up now for months and were put to the test on the 2 week Philly to Canada trip. I’m not easy on my gloves either because on these cycle trips they have to double as work gloves for setting up camp, getting fire wood, cooking, etc. They’re still in decent condition with all the seams intact and the leather is holding up.

So, if you’re looking for some good gloves with a clean look, check these out.

Buy them from Revzilla or go try them on in their show room in South Philly.

2 responses to “Revzilla | Icon 1000 Rimfire Gloves”

  1. keitH says:

    you should show them impacting someone’s face to show durability…..

  2. ed says:


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