1966 Suzuki T20 “Super Six” | X6 Hustler

Last week Rick and I got a call in the shop from a lady looking to get rid of an old bike that had been sitting in her in her garage for the past 40 years. She wanted to mail us some photos but instead we decided take a ride out to her place in Mt Airy to check it out with the hopes of finding something awesome. We were a little disappointed to find a Suzuki… but this little 250cc 2-stroke is pretty rad and apparently was pretty unique back in its day.

Some interesting facts about them:

– Only produced between 1965 and 1967
– 29 hp @ 7500rpm
– 6-speed transmission
– First tubular steel frame from Suzuki – all previous were pressed steel
– Left side kick starter
– 0-60mph in 6 sec
– 15.1 1/4 mile

It’s a little rough but should clean up nicely and make for a fun bike.

22 responses to “1966 Suzuki T20 “Super Six” | X6 Hustler”

  1. keitH says:

    wow, got a lot of potential. jealous.

  2. Kansas Larry says:

    The X-6 was fast in their day. I have one in a barn somewhere I need to dust off and ride. If you need parts let me know, may have what you need.

  3. Ian Daniel says:

    Very Nice !

  4. BG says:

    Adam big Ed from Midohio has restored the same bike!
    here’s a pic of him at a moto giro..I’m sure if you have any questions he can help you..


  5. Adam says:

    @BG, thanks for the info. Do you have Big Ed’s contact info? email it to me at chinonthetank@gmail.com

    I dig those high pipes on his bike.

  6. Ed says:

    Do you still have the rx7?
    Interested in selling it someday?

  7. Nick says:

    That tank is impressive.

  8. scott says:

    That’s slick…great find!

  9. Kansas Larry says:

    Yes, Ed I still have the rx. Had some issues with rotten rubber connectors in the turbo plumbing but that has been fixed and running well. I don’t drive it that much and should sell. Will keep you in mind if you are interested.

  10. dan says:

    IF you decide to ditch that old clock let me know! Ive been trying to snag one for a loooong time.

  11. phil says:

    I have trans problems and I am looking for parts if anyone has leads. the bottom case has an old repair under the shift spool. bike is near perfect must fix!
    66 Suzuki X6 hustler

  12. Alison Mazon says:

    Are you interested in selling the X-6?

  13. […] 1966 suzuki t20 “super six” | x6 hustler – chin on the […]

  14. Lafay Johnston says:

    Hey I am debating parting out a whole x6 or sell all together it has potential to be a runner just don’t have the time any more I already went through the motor all clean.
    let me know
    also selling a set of those sweet high pipes send me a email if Ur interested thanks

  15. Joe says:

    Bringing up and old thread but figured I would try.

    Just purchased a 1966 hustler and I’m in need of a few parts if anyone has any. In particular I could use a left side battery cover and front fender.

  16. Rolf says:

    Have a Super Six barn project with half an extra bike in spares for sale.

    My own since way back. Love the bike, unfortunately dont have time for it.

    (In Denmark, Europe)

    mail me at racmeister at gmail dot com if interest.


  17. Lee Simcox says:

    Maple Grove Dragway,little brothers car club,Tropical Treat,Penn State Motorcycle Shop.Route 724. Wow what more did a person need. Ron Finnegan.best driver in G/M class.we raced at a lot of tracks .set some track records..wow. Only one car beat me off the line,,,,Denny Maugers big green 426 Hemi.fast ,fast car,Sam Demi,Angels Of Route 100. A&W Reading .the bike was really,really quick.ask the boys from the treat.vance,Lenny,larryand bobby. Thanks For The Memories,Lee Simcox

  18. Larry Bittner says:

    I Have a 1967 250 x-6 hustler scrambler pipes that I’ve had since 1969. It was my first street bike. it’s still in very good shape although I haven’t started it in many years its not locked up and even the tires from way back in the early 70’s when I went in the service are not weather cracked and aired up.

  19. Larry Bittner says:

    Oh Yea, It was or is a bad fast ride. I remember when it kicked into the power band I had to lay on the tank to keep the front end down. It was fast.


  21. Lane says:

    I had one in high school,fun bike to ride and in the day would surprise many bigger bikes with it’s performance.wish I had one today!

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