Kawasaki KZ750

suck it Alex, more old bike shit…

I’ve been really interested in the KZ750’s lately. They definitely do not get the same attention as the CB’s or KZ900/1000’s but have a lot to offer and have a good base for modifying.

It’s a basically a bored out KZ650 with better cams and other performance modifications and only weights in around 500lbs. Pretty sure it’ll out run and maneuver any Evo 1200 Sportster.

Kawasaki Z7500 81
Kawasaki Z7500 81  1

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  1. Mike Ashleigh says:

    You know my feelings about this.

    KZ’s are surprisingly quick. as long as they have the appropriate number of cylinders

  2. adam says:

    Yea, I was interested in the KZ750 twin originally but it just doesn’t produce much power. I think it’s half the HP of the fours.

  3. Chris francione says:

    Those mags are sweeeet!

  4. ed says:

    As much as I love Honda’s… the kz’s were pretty much fast as shit.

    I think the kz’s were so fast because they had aggressive cams in them. Every kz i’ve ridden including my z1 has a distinct high rpm vtec type of power that other 70’s bikes don’t have. kz compression ratios were normal… around high 8 to low 9 so… i’m pretty sure they’re faster due to oem higher lift cams compared to other jap brands cams. Only speculation.

    Yes, they’re twin cam, but so was a 79 cb750… and a kz750 is faster.

    No need to talk about harleys as a comparison… Harleys are cool, but they’re not fast the way any jap bike is fast. Harleys are slow fast. Not fast fast.

  5. Z Guy says:

    Quick bikes, not around long due to the tariffs and the GPz, though.
    Here’s a couple of knot heads thrashing one about:

    The earlier Z2 was cool too but they are really hard to find.
    Watch this Japanese dude ride the shit out of one:

    The 750 was probably better suited to the z frame’s handling than any other engine.

  6. Chris francione says:

    That second video! Yeah!

  7. Adam says:

    Yea, that second vid of the Japanese guy rippin is awesome.

  8. […] been into the KZ750′s for awhile now (old post about KZ’s) and have kept my eye out for a deal on one. Well, this week this KZ popped up on craigslist and I […]

  9. Keith says:

    I bought the 1981 Midnight blue exactly like the one in the photos above. Loved that bike. Still miss it. Bought it brand new, 18 years old, paid cash for it. Put about 30k miles on it I think. I would ride that bike again today vs any new bike. Plenty fast enough for me, and handled nicely. Never a complaint.

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