Canadian Rockies – day 2

Lopez island WA to port renfrew Vancouver island

  • Leave Andrews island and take 23 ferries to get to Vancouver island
  • Quinn’s first time ever out of America which blew my mind
  • People may or may not have smuggled things over the border
  • Didn’t know Victoria was a city that existed. Had lunch and people watched
  • Rode through a rain forest on way to port renfrew
  • Such drastic air temperature differences it’s insane. 80deg sweating one hour and 40deg shivering the next
  • Slept on a beach tonight
  • Adams XR still running hotter than mine going to try to solve that soon

3 responses to “Canadian Rockies – day 2”

  1. rybott says:

    dudes. rad trip! My XR was running way hot,over 300. Switched to Rotella T6 15W40 (i was on 5w40). Now I’m running between 250-280. Off road, going slow, 1st-2nd gear, still between 280-290 but at highway or with air moving, I’m pretty steady between 260-280. I think you stay at 300 or below you’ll be good. I’ve noticed at just about 500 miles my oil starts to breakdown and temps creep up but once I change it, I’m back to good running temp. Good luck

  2. Ed says:

    My XR650L temps are:
    – highway blasting 240-250
    – sitting in a traffic jam 230
    – normal riding 220

    So… I’d suggest you guys are running too hot. 270-290 is insane hot.

  3. rybott says:

    Nah, not to get into a pissing match with a man who’s living the dream but a lot internets people claim to be running between 220 and 280 on the XRs. 190-230 with a cooler. Everyone of them runs different though. Some guys have been running at those temps since early on and now are between 25000-30000 miles.I would love to get my temps to your range but after a bunch of reading I’m not too concerned until I get to 300. Love that you guys are doing this on the XRs.

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