August Montana – from Kendra

Disclaimer: Some of this post might not be about motorcycles, but I’ll do my best. The self-appointed CEO of COTT won’t allow if it’s not moto content.

If the Harley Roadking is a La-Z-Boy, the XR seat is a broken lawn chair. But it’s really fun so it’s a fair trade off.

Roadking is for comfort, the XR is for fun. Which makes a pretty strong case for needing both bikes. I think a cruiser is in Ed’s future. Or mine.

Which brings me to my next point – It’s time I learn to ride. Ed won’t teach me (I write this with THE BIGGEST eye roll), so taking volunteers who will.

It’s surprising how many people at gas stations go out of their way to talk about bike stuff. Most people ask if we rode here from PA.

When Ed’s not around people assume it’s mine, so I go with it and say:
– “Yea she’s been really good to me.”
– “75 on highway all day, and the technical dirt bike stuff too.”
– “I have to make some adjustments to the carb but overall I can’t complain.”

Dirt biking up mountains is incredible, but nothing beats a country bar and a cold bud light. Some of the best parts of Montana are the remote Cowboy towns.

So far I’ve beaten Ed in pool, a beer taste test, and music trivia several times over.

Has anyone ever seen someone bite into an ice cream cone? Scroll for the visual. *Warning: it’s uncomfortable.

Phillipsburg & Granite Ghost Town were really fun but smokey at the top of the mountain.

Sailing Flathead Lake was incredible. Huge shout out to Colin for taking us on the boat.

Working on convincing Ed he needs a boat too. Feel free to help a girl out and drop some hints as well. Thanks friends.

Didn’t get to camp as much as we wanted. No campfires allowed due to the wildfires (understandably), and camping without a fire is tough. It’s cold as fuck without one.

Montanans are built different. They don’t feel the cold. They wear shorts and flip flops in 50 degrees, while waiting in line for ice cream. And they hate Californians SO MUCH.

Stayed on a dude ranch for 3 days outside Wyoming. Riding horses might have been the highlight of the trip.

Yellowstone is incredible. 10/10 would recommend. But only on a motorcycle so you can pass Bison traffic. Also not nearly as crowded as I expected it to be.

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  1. Brian G says:

    Yo…is that shirt a rental too?

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