Yamahauler Stickers

Back in the 70’s Toyota offered a ‘Yamahauler’ truck package where you got an Yamaha MX175 and MX125 when you bought the SR-5 sport truck. I think this was the coolest package so I remade the ‘Yamahauler’ stickers for all of us with Toyota’s and old Yamaha’s.

Die cut vinyl sticker 6″ x 1.75″
$5 each with free shipping. Each purchase supports COTT and Cast & Salvage!


Take notice of the Yamahauler sticker on the toolbox in the bottom right.


Toyota also ran a contest to win a ‘Yamahauler’ SR-5 Truck with an MX175, MX100, and GTMX 80.


Then there was this Yamaha 3 wheeler


And lastly this Yamahauler Van which was also a promotional contest I think.


13 responses to “Yamahauler Stickers”

  1. D car says:

    This is rad. What year was this and any idea on what the msrp was on the package?

  2. Adam says:

    I haven’t come across a price for the package yet. Info about this stuff has been hard to find. I think it’s all long forgotten stuff.

  3. Tom says:

    And to think, kids nowadays think black trucks with neon green “Monster” claws look cool…

  4. Bob Moreau says:

    Looking for the newer Yamahauler decal that was fixed to the Toyota Tundra in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Do these exist anymore…..I can provide a photo of what I mean if necessary.
    Thanks & look forward to hearing from someone soon.


  5. Adam says:

    Hi Bob. I don’t think I’ve seen what you’re talking about. I only made this 70’s era yamahauler stickers.

  6. Scott Stewart says:

    I’m planning to build a recreation of the Yamahauler Van. Any chance you could do the stickers big enough for one of those? Thanks!

  7. Adam says:

    Scott, you can find those large sticker sets on eBay.

  8. Billy Bob Schroeder says:

    I was the designer and creator of the Yamahauler sticker. In ’72 I was the art director for the ad agency that had the Yamaha account and I was given the assignment to design and name a logo for two Dodge vans that were to be given away in a sweepstakes contest. (See the ad above.) About ten years later I started to see this thing everywhere and now it’s still being used. You can be sure I never made a dime more out of it than my meager salary at the time!

  9. Hello! i just wanted to know if i can get any other picture from the yamahauler toyota pick up , my boyfriend is rebuilding he’s 82 toyota pick up , back in the day he’s mom give the pick up as a 17 year birthday gift to my boyfriend , since he didn’t know much about it he decited to paint it green cuz he is all about custom made those days , we met and we searched for the oem stripes that the pick up owned,we looked for old pictures of the truck before it got painted green guess what?it was a yamahauler back in the day , yellow orange and red stripes with beige body paint!! we would love to make that truck look the way it was , please message me back ! https://imgur.com/a/mgZySG0 in this picture you can see back in the corner we could’t scan the other pictures but we will do our best

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