How to get a Motorcycle Title

This has been a popular topic that seems to have helped a lot of readers so reposting this for those who haven’t seen this yet. Check the previous posts on this topic for good feedback in both comments sections:

Under 300cc: Get a title with a Vermont Registration.
Over 300cc: How to get a Motorcycle Title

These are the steps to getting a Vermont plate and registration for a motorcycle over 300cc. I’m sharing this info with the hope that it’ll help keep another old motorcycle on the road.

1. Bill of Sale
2. Vermont Registration Form VD119
3. VIN Verification

1. Make a Bill of Sale to show proof of sale. This can be between any parties and does not need to be notarized.


2. Fill out VT Form VD119. I originally submitted my form without the VIN Verification and it was mailed back to me with the red markups.

    – Motorcycle fee is $48.
    – Tax is 6% of the NADA good value.
    – Write check for total amount payable to: Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

3. Bring the motorcycle to an Auto Tag shop and have them complete a VIN Verification form. If you’re in PA you can use the PA MV-41 form or the VT form VT010.


5. Mail everything to:

    Vermont DMV
    120 State ST
    Montpelier VT 05603

Turn around is 2-3 weeks and what you get back are VT plates and registration. You can then use that registration paperwork to apply for a PA title and registration.

11 responses to “How to get a Motorcycle Title”

  1. Steve says:

    I followed this exactly and got my plate and registration for my IT425 in about 2 weeks.
    Auto tag shop didn’t care about turn signals or anything, just signed off confirming that the VIN is correct and only charged me the notary fee ($5).
    I called the Vermont DMV and among other things, asked for the value. The guy gave the NADA “fair” value.

  2. Joshua Martin says:

    Vermont no longer requires VIN verification under 500cc (300cc limit posted has been increased!)

  3. Bayou Ogre says:

    Has anyone done this with either a Harley or Triumph? If so, with what results? Interested to see if anyone has done this for a Louisiana Title.

  4. Johnson vw says:

    I have a title now but my state (DE) requires an inspection at the DMV which my bike would definitely fail (I.e stop light too small, no turn signals, no mirrors, no fender, etc). Anyone with experience on how to legally get it retitled and legal again wo having to add all those parts temporarily on my bike?

  5. Adam says:

    @ Johnson Why do you need an inspection to get a title? That doesn’t sound right. Once you have the vermont paperwork you should be able to register it in DE regardless of an inspection.

  6. Johnson vw says:

    @adam , to get a bike retitled, even if it’s transferring states requires a DMV inspection to ensure it passes safety features. To avoid getting it retitled in Delaware, has anyone tried to just drive indefinitely with a VT plate?

  7. Bayou Ogre says:

    Well, after 39 days, with a small hiccup, make sure that you send the right amount for the registration, I, now, have a Vermont plate and registration for my Harley Sportster!

    I had the VIN verification done by the State Police, who filled out no only the Vermont VIN Verification form, but one from my state as well.

  8. Stacy says:

    Hey I’m in texas can I take my bike to any state inspection place and get the vin verified. Also my bike is a 2002 gsxr does it fall under the no title required in BY. Thanks for any feedback.

  9. daniel says:

    Does anyone know what would be the process if you have the previous owners registration? do you still need a vin verification or can you just fill out the regular form and send the old registration with the bill of sale and a pic of the vin?

  10. Bayou Ogre says:

    Well, all said and done, the whole affair was fairly painless. Took my VT registration to a title office, and transferred my registration to my state, and a week later, my state sent me a title for my bike. This formula really works!

  11. terry bloom says:

    I did this got my vt plate but pa notary is giving me the run around whats t he secret not painless for me the want me to fill out more forms and get a mechanic to look at it again had the local police fill out paper work also

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